2021 CBC Impact Report

John Johnston, CEO, Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda region

I’m pleased to be part of a firm which recognizes and demonstrates through active commitment our desire and shared values to live our purpose. Making an impact that matters.

Our people across the Caribbean and Bermuda region, have risen to the challenge of affecting change in the lives of others, despite the pandemic, by intentionally seeking out social projects, collaborating with NGOs and charities to help the vulnerable and have used their skills for positive impact.

With investments of over US$2.3M in our WorldClass and societal programs, we continue to advance our professionals and leadership intention to affect change. 

Our leaders embraced providing flexible work arrangements to accommodate those professionals who may have had children learning virtually due to school closures, or elderly family members who needed support.                        

Our leadership – Partners, Directors and Managers also prioritized the safety and health of our people, clients and communities in which we serve, introducing key policies and ways of working that centered around delivery enabled by technology.

Our recognition of the nuances of remote working, saw our flex-work program benefit many and still allowed for performance excellence. A fact evident in our promotion and new hire figures, with our female professionals enabled to attain their goals – professional and personal.  Our Diversity and Inclusion programs have been deliberately implemented to support a culture of mutual respect, understanding and collaboration as well as support our varied nationalities and ethnic groups represented by our professionals.

We understand our biggest threat is climate change, and for us at Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda, we have witnessed first-hand the consequences of this threat.

Because of this, we have embraced our WorldClimate program and goal to achieve Net- Zero emissions by 2030 and through our deliberate policy design, sustainable initiatives over the last 2 years, we have reduced emissions from operations and business travel. 

In 2021, our story progresses from being carbon neutral in 2020 for operations and business travel, to being Carbon Neutral in 2021 for all Scope 1,2 and 3 GHS emissions i.e. total emissions from operations, business travel and purchases of goods and services.

 A year of connection, action and impact – our FY21 legacy and story. This has been lived experience for us all and we commit to continuing the journey in 2022.