2021 CBC Impact Report

Connecting for Impact

Our dedication to serving communities across the Caribbean and Bermuda region is evident in our actions.

Our leaders and professionals have taken time and effort to live our purpose and connect for impact with local charities, schools, NGOs and environmental initiatives.

We have taken deliberate decisions to invest in programs which align with our WorldClass ambitions and Impact Everyday commitment. These have ranged from pre-school and primary school literacy programs, secondary school student mentorship to collaborations with NGOs to provide meals and other needed skill-based services for the benefit of their members.

Impact Every Day: Our people make an impact in their local communities

Our people at Deloitte are committed to making a year-round impact in their communities. Ria Sooknarine, a Senior Associate in Finance is always eager to make a difference, especially in the lives of senior citizens. She draws from her personal experiences, as she spent quite a lot of time over the last few years caring for her parents. 

Last year, she had to make the difficult decision to place them in a facility that provided the constant care and medical attention they needed. As she got to know the other persons at the home, she became aware of the needs of the patients, whose families could not afford basic supplies. Since then, Ria has been actively volunteering her time, effort and finances towards supplies and making a difference at the Hope Alive Elderly Home. 

"The social and economic effects of the global pandemic remind us that connecting with others and sharing our skills and time with those in need, is more critical than ever," Ria explained. This is a private home; not government-assisted, so the extra assistance is very much needed. The elderly deserve to enjoy moments of celebration just as much as any other person, and to ensure this, last year Ria planned a Christmas luncheon at the home. 

Ria's story is just one example of how our people choose to serve in their local communities. There is always an opportunity to make an impact that matters. We must ask ourselves - where can we help? What is needed? What impact can I make?

ACCA Caribbean Virtual Career Fair (VCF) - Friday 26 March 2021

Following our successful efforts at previous career fairs, the ACCA VCF allowed the Deloitte Trinidad team to reach a wider Caribbean and international audience.  With an emphasis on Accounting talent  - our Audit & Assurance teams, in addition to some Advisory colleagues, jumped right in to showcase Deloitte as a workplace and employer of choice.

The sessions focused on employability skills, trends in the workplace and the realities of the accounting/auditing and advisory roles for career choices. It allowed our professionals, who volunteered, to meet with prospective talent  through our Deloitte virtual booths and networking. 

Future Build Program - Shaping young minds, Shaping young adults

In February, Deloitte Trinidad launched the Future Build Program, its student mentorship project. The aim of the program is to empower students through career development and life skills at the secondary level. During the pilot phase of the project, students of the East Mucurapo Secondary School were engaged, very attentive and fully participated by sharing their thoughts on the program. The principal and teachers of the school were instrumental in ensuring students were able to participate in this educational campaign. 

The program is closely aligned with WorldClass, Deloitte’s global ambition to impact 100 million people by 2050. Through our local WorldClass commitment to make an impact that matters, we are applying our core skills and experience to empower students by addressing career development at both secondary and tertiary levels.

In FY21 our staff totaled 568 hours in volunteer time from the design and creation of bespoke content. Liaison with school officials and the delivery of sessions, with follow up completion certificates. with Future Build, we develop direct programs and collaborations, that help secondary and tertiary students to build important life skills that instill a professional work ethic and help them to aim for a career that aligns with their values, interests and skills. 

With the physical restrictions arising out of the pandemic, Deloitte professionals utilized the online Zoom platform to virtually meet with students of forms four and six. 

The first installation of the program ran from February to May, with a total of six sessions that covered areas of soft skills and career development. The topics included ethics, communication skills, navigating technology, accountability, resume building and goal setting. Students were also given the opportunity to discuss common career interest areas with mentors and receive feedback in real time. 

Christine Dalkan, one of Deloitte’s Future Build team leaders said, “It was a fulfilling experience, to be able to share what we've learnt on our own educational and career journey. The students were eager to speak about their career goals and engage in the discussions. The most amazing part was recognizing how much we have to impart as professionals to the next generation.” 

The form 4 students of the East Mucurapo, the school with which the program was kicked off , were engaged and their Dean stated they were excited to join each session.

Principal, Mr. Phiilip and Form Four Dean Ms. Therese Watson both found the program concept and session outlines, to be of great benefit to the students. Mr Phillip commented “We are always happy to provide opportunities for our students to develop and be ready for the workplace. We welcome support from firms like Deloitte.”

Deloitte Trinidad is excited about the success of the program thus far, and looks forward to continuing to provide mentorship to secondary students. We also hope to extend the opportunity to tertiary students in the near future.

World Class Project | UWI – World of Work - Thursday 25 February 2021

For the seventh year Deloitte participated in the University of the West Indies (UWI) World of Work program. Our professionals performed Virtual Mock Interviews with students at the university.

In addition, they were able to host short mentoring sessions ,giving insight and answering questions on career related matters. The firm also sponsored  the UWI Student Award for Best Student in Accounting.

Participating professionals from Deloitte included:

 - Hazel Mootoo                          - Satie Rampersad

 - Jeunisse Nunez                        - Keisha Deokiesingh

 - Salaina Jagroop-Gowrie         - Sachin Parag

 - Sherisse Hosein                       - Renae Ferguson

 - Carlene Salick                          - Khalid Hosein

 - Daniel Aping                            - Anna Ramsaran

 - Dale Connell                            - Janis Mollineau

Impact Every Day: Holiday Hamper Drive

Our Deloitte professionals, showed their willingness to help those in need through giving in kind sponsorship of food items and other necessities for four families nominated by our people from the communities where they live. These families included senior citizens and single-parent households.

Overall, approximately $6,000 in value of items were collected and donated by the staff from Deloitte Trinidad for this initiative. A worthy cause, that allowed connection in a distanced time – hamper wrapping, delivery of items and distribution to beneficiaries.

We estimate a combined 100 hours of volunteer time was spent by all persons who participated. 

Salaina Jagroop- Gowrie, co-organizer of the project and member of the Trinidad Corporate Responsibility Committee stated, “Giving back to the less fortunate was instilled in me as a child. I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to coordinate and put together hampers and packages for families in need. The professionals at Deloitte Trinidad are always willing to contribute to the cause at hand and there is always an overwhelming response from our people.”

Impact Every Day: Volunteering & Donations

Volunteering has a special place in our commitment to society and our purpose. This is evident from the Partners at the firm through to management and professionals. 

Our Individual volunteer program which provides an allowed 16 hours of personal volunteer time per year, manifested in persons taking time to help out at their alma maters and local high schools, senior citizen homes – a needed help in 2020, as schools worked to navigate online learning and connectivity and charities struggled to secure funds needed for operation. 

Sponsorships covered educational drives with other organizations, provision of Pro-Bono services to charities and NGOs, as well as volunteer time of our Partners, Managers and professionals.