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This quarterly newsletter serves to provide insights into market trends, industry news and key tidbits to support your future in various roles to have you armed with the right information to succeed.

Issue 1 | January 2020

Message from John Johnston, Chief Executive Officer - Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda region

I am pleased to announce the official launch of our newly refreshed Deloitte Bermuda Alumni Program! Deloitte alumni are doing extraordinary things including founding and leading emerging companies, publishing content, and pursuing unique personal interests. I hope that by refreshing the program, we are able to provide a community of support for our Alumni to help accelerate you on your continued career and life journeys.

Our Bermuda webpage now features a dedicated Alumni space - an exciting new forum through which Alumni can connect with Deloitte & discover an ecosystem that supports you. This quarterly newsletter serves to provide insights into market trends, industry news and key tidbits to support your future in various roles to have you armed with the right information to succeed.

The website also features a new registration platform for Alumni to easily register and update their contact details and preferences. Being part of our program will make it easy for Deloitte Bermuda Alumni to tap into our extensive global network of over 300,000 Deloitte Partners and staff as well as the vast number of our fellow alumni — all of them colleagues for life.
We are committed to supporting the success of our Alumni and I would like to invite you to register with our program to receive exclusive Deloitte Alumni updates and to benefit from all that our Alumni Network has to offer. Whether you are networking, searching for a new career opportunity, hunting for the latest industry insights or looking for a great candidate to fill that gap on your team, the Deloitte Alumni Network is here for you. Consider it your “home away from home.”

As Deloitte Alumni, you will stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities available within our firm and as part of our newly launched Executive Sourcing offering, you now have the chance to indicate on the registration form if you are interested in furthering your career. The goal of our team is to provide an exclusive experience by tapping into our extensive network and connecting talented individuals with the right companies.

I hope that being a part of this network will continue to encourage and inspire you as Alumni by building lifelong relationships with our people; we are committed to your success no matter where the journey takes you.

Regulator for the future

Transform work processes and encourage innovation

Regulating complex environments needn’t be cumbersome or expensive. New technologies and methods can help regulators operate efficiently and effectively, reducing compliance costs and improving the business experience.

View the reports on Deloitte Insights to explore technologies and tactics for tomorrow’s regulator, and gain fresh insights into public service transformation.

Industry Outlook

CFO Guide to Cloud

This report seeks to help CFOs and their organizations make more effective cloud decisions.

CFO Guide to SAP

This briefing provides a quick overview of the SAP S/4HANA Finance solution.

Cyber Risk – Everywhere

Find out how a strong cyber strategy can help organizations fuel the pace at which they innovate.

Financial Services Outlook

Explore the trends that the financial services industry should keep in mind to maximize value and growth in the year ahead.

Celebrating Deloitte's 175th anniversary

Deloitte’s 175th milestone year (2020) is the first anniversary to be acknowledged and celebrated globally. 

Deloitte’s enduring story of impact will come to life through a series of integrated and coherent activities, aimed at three audiences: clients, colleagues and communities.

Deloitte175 starts with a look to the future. We will celebrate the history of the CBC offices – accomplishments and milestones with the current future direction of our firm – demonstrating a steady commitment to supporting our people, clients and community.

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