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Living and working in British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Life in the Caribbean

Working for Deloitte in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) gives you the opportunity to enjoy both the quintessential Caribbean lifestyle and the career opportunities and challenges of working for a Big 4 Firm. The BVI is made up of over 50 islands and cays and with our steady trade winds, we are considered one of the sailing capitals of the world.

The main island, Tortola, is approximately 21 square miles and consists of many beautiful beaches, mountains and a rainforest. The BVI, which is adjacent to the US Virgin Islands, form the northwestern extremity of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean chain and are situated about 70 miles east of Puerto Rico.

The BVI is a British dependent territory. The Governor is appointed by the British Government through the Crown and is responsible for defense, internal security, external affairs, public services and the administration of justice. The Legislative Council is comprised of thirteen locally elected representatives and is responsible for all legislation concerning domestic matters, including taxation. The legal system is largely based on that of the UK and the influence of British case law is strong.

In recent years, the BVI has expanded significantly as an international financial center. Financial services, together with tourism, are the two major contributors to the economy and both have shown significant and steady growth for many years. The official currency of the BVI is the US dollar and the official language is English although there is a diverse population with expatriates moving here from all over the world to work and live.

The BVI only a half an hour's flight from Puerto Rico, the regional hub, and adjacent to the US Virgin Islands. The main islands include Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anageda and Jost Van Dyke - covering a total of 59 square miles. Tortola, the largest and where Deloitte’s office is located, is largely rolling hills and beaches with the highest point being Mount Sage, 1,780 feet above sea level. Aside from the other BVI isles, locations such as the US Virgin Islands, Antigua and Puerto Rico are all within easy access of Tortola via ferry or short plane ride.

From a quality of life aspect, the BVI cater for those who enjoy outdoor activities and water sports. The Islands represent one of the most relaxed and stunningly beautiful destinations in the world, with genuinely friendly people, the best sailing waters in the Caribbean, mountain trails, lots of tennis courts, and outstanding scuba diving. There are also lots of pubs and restaurants to choose from, with many located right on the beach!

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