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Eleasha Knowles

Audit Associate, Audit & Assurance

"Having the privilege of working with world-class professionals who promote inclusion, learning and development is very rewarding."

Eleasha's Deloitte experience

How would you describe your Talent Experience working at Deloitte?
During my years at Deloitte, the Talent Experience has been a uniquely fulfilling one. Having the privilege of working with world-class professionals who promote inclusion, learning and development is very rewarding. Also, seeing myself progress in my career each year and rewarded for positive contributions has been so encouraging.   

How do you connect your personal purpose to Deloitte’s purpose?
I’ve always been very passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and dedicating myself to noble causes. At Deloitte, we actively take an interest in the welfare of our communities through our commitment to amazing initiatives and programs. One of my  favorite initiatives sponsored by Deloitte is the Junior Achievement Program where Deloitte professionals have the opportunity to mentor high school students on entrepreneurship, career steadfastness and many other areas.

What’s been the most interesting, challenging, or surprising about your role within Deloitte?
One of the more interesting things about my role in Audit is being able to assess the full picture of a business and gain valuable experience in the business processes and procedures of companies in various industries. Also, at Deloitte we are constantly looking at ways to improve to show our commitment to excellence. As such, I am challenged to keep abreast with developments in my career and be more adaptable to change.  

How has Deloitte invested in you as a leader?
Deloitte has invested in my growth and development in so many ways. By encouraging & supporting my pursuit of my professional certification and recognizing outstanding performance, I feel empowered to lead and grow. My firm also holds year-round trainings to keep us equipped with the necessary tools to be world-class professionals.

Why did you choose to work in Deloitte CBC region?
It’s a common saying that “There is no place like home”. This definitely holds true for me. I chose to work in the Deloitte CBC region because this is home for me and I am assured that I have the ability to grow and venture into other regions if I choose to.

Eleasha Knowles - Audit Associate, Audit & Assurance

Name : Eleasha Knowles
Position : Audit Associate
Department : Audit & Assurance
Professional Qualifications : Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting 
Date that you joined Deloitte:  June 2019

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