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Issue 4 | May 2021

Message from Rikhi Rampersad, Managing Partner - Deloitte Trinidad

I hope that you are all safe and well, despite the recent lockdown measures and rising case numbers of COVID-19 in the country.

In the past months, our professionals have risen to the challenge to support clients and our communities. We’ve sought to provide business insights, advising on risk and resilient strategies and have sponsored skills-based projects. 

In the wider business environment, there is a renewed focus on environmental and societal initiatives. Businesses are onboarding the ESG ideology and seeking tangible ways to adopt sustainable practices. Their aim is to align with the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) and address climate change. A recent example is the Republic Bank Group, who have signed onto the United Nations Net-Zero Bank Alliance.

At Deloitte, we’ve committed to net-zero emissions by 2030 and the CBC offices have invested in Carbon Offset projects in 2021 as an additional measure to meet this goal.

Rikhi Rampersad

CBC centers of excellence

Expertise at your fingertips

Deloitte in the CBC has a leadership position in Audit and Assurance, Consulting, Risk Advisory and Financial Advisory Services. Our teams are highly specialized in Forensics, with a focus on digital forensic identification, collections and examinations, data processing, forensic document review services and data center transformation. 

Our professionals have extensive experience in developing Cyber strategies and possess industry-leading certifications. For over 16 years, Deloitte's Resiliency Centre “DRC”, has been the premier disaster recovery facility in the Caribbean, designed to protect and secure critical systems and data and maintain the continuity of business operations for clients. For more insight on our Cyber and Forensic services please contact:

Lawrence Lewis, Cyber Leader

Nicholas Kedney, Financial Advisory Partner

Best Managed Companies Program

C-Suite Roundtables

Deloitte Trinidad recently launched our Best Managed Companies series, focused on giving the Private business community guided advice on leading practices for recovery & resilience. The information-based secure forums will allow the sharing of challenges Caribbean companies faces and allow an exchange of knowledge into the measures or areas of focus to begin the journey of recovery.

The program is designed to recognize the overall success of strong privately-owned companies based on a proven Deloitte framework, reviewing four dimensions: Strategy, Capabilities & Innovation, Culture & Commitment, Governance & Financials.

Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030

Our WorldClimate initiatives

Our objective with our WorldClimate initative is to achieve Net-Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030. For FY21, we’re collectively investing in meaningful carbon projects for positive climate change:

Columbia- Rainforest Protection
This project's aim is to help indigenous forest-dependent communities prevent deforestation by reducing unsustainable timber extraction and agricultural practices.

Mexico - Improved Cookstoves
Firewood cooking will be replaced by cookstoves designed to burn biomass fuel more efficiently

Aruba Wind Project 
Wind farms generate clean electricity from renewable resources using wind turbines.

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