Life at Deloitte

Venita Ramlal, Trinidad

"I've enjoyed the continuous learning and development." 

Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance


What do you like most about your role?
There are two aspects of my role which I absolutely enjoy the most: understanding unique technical matters and assisting in the development of the team. It is very fulfilling when you invest time in coaching someone, and you can see that they have understood what you had been trying to explain.

What attracted you to Deloitte?
I saw lots of opportunities to gain different experiences while working at Deloitte.

Describe your day to day role
Working in the Audit department involves a multitude of tasks, from understanding the clients’ business by attending meetings, to working closely with people in all different capacities and from different backgrounds to get the audits done. Deloitte gives you the opportunity to be involved in many different aspects of company life including participating in community projects or being seconded to other departments or Deloitte offices, which helps with creating business relationships and networking. As well as offering career development, working at Deloitte has provided me with opportunities to experience different cultures.

What else have your been involved with since joining Deloitte?
I have been involved in the Company’s IMPACT Day when I assisted with a Habitat for Humanity project to build the foundation of a home. I have also been involved with our Walk Against Breast Cancer. I am an active member of Deloitte's Social Events committee, which arranges events for our employees outside of our regular work schedule, and in coordinating events such as our Annual Sports and Family Day as well as our end of year staff party. 

What is Deloitte’s role in your longer term career goals?
Enhancing my level of knowledge of accounting standards and the creation of business relationships.

What have you enjoyed most?
Continuous learning and development.

Name: Venita Ramlal
Position: Senior Manager
Department: Audit & Assurance
Degree Completed: Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Date that you joined Deloitte: 13 March 2011

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