Crisis Management

Navigate the unexpected and emerge stronger

An increase in catastrophic events driven by factors such as climate change, political upheaval, or cyberthreats means that every organization will, at some time or another, face a crisis situation. We help clients not just through the good times, but also in the toughest moments of crisis, to provide the clarity and confidence for when it really matters. Many of our clients have emerged from great challenges even stronger than before.

Deloitte’s Crisis Management services span the entire crisis lifecycle, helping clients identify, assess, prevent, prepare, respond to and recover from crises.

We offer:

  • Crisis Preparedness – We help organizations prepare for high-consequence events that have the potential to seriously disrupt operations, damage reputations, and destroy shareholder value. Specifically, we help clients identify and assess risks that pose significant threats to the business, prepare documented crisis plans and processes, create remediation activities resulting from tests of plans, as well as additional services targeted at organizational crisis readiness.
  • Crisis Response – We deploy experienced professionals to support organizations in crisis, particularly in the immediate aftermath of a major event. We augment the client’s crisis response team to assist with data-gathering and reporting to manage the demands of responding to events in real-time. Using our professional resources, or through partnerships with PR firms, clients receive advice and assistance with post-crisis communications, including help in navigating traditional and social media to pre-empt or respond to major reputation threats.
  • Crisis Recovery – We help organizations that have been through a crisis assess the effectiveness of their response and we provide advice as the organization looks to recover its reputation and seize new opportunities. Additionally, our work includes coordinating long-term recovery strategies such as claims management, compliance with policies and regulatory requirements, and improved media/public/government relations communications.

Navigating the lifecycle of a crisis

This four-part video series highlights the key components of crisis management that can help your organization systematically plan and prepare to handle any potential crisis that might arise.

  • The crisis management lifecycle: Crisis readiness, response and recovery and Deloitte's capabilities across the entire lifecycle, including crisis simulation, real-time response, 24/7 monitoring, and crisis communications.
  • The anatomy of a crisis:  How proper planning, monitoring, and preparation can enable timely decision making during a crisis.
  • The resilience maturity model: How organizations can build crisis resilience by being aware, rehearsed, and prepared.
  • A structured approach to crisis response: The critical period once a crisis has occurred and the steps leaders should take to protect the organization's reputation, brand, and shareholder value.


A crisis of confidence

This global survey report examines the gap between real and perceived crisis readiness in the eyes of board members and the large companies they direct.

Deloitte named a leader in Reputational Risk & Crisis Management Consulting by ALM Intelligence

In the report entitled Reputation Risk & Crisis Management Consulting 2016, ALM Intelligence notes, “Operating in progressively complex, global markets with extended supply chains and cost pressures while under the intense spotlight of social media, regulators, shareholders and public interest groups, companies find themselves increasingly vulnerable to reputation and crisis risk.”