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The Deloitte Indirect Tax storybook

Indirect Tax is everywhere, in almost every business and every country. It's the fastest growing type of tax, and the people who work for Deloitte’s Indirect Tax teams collaborate across borders and harness leading edge technologies to tame big data and deliver outstanding service to clients. Watch their videos, and learn why the people who work here say Deloitte is the place to build an Indirect Tax career.

Life at Deloitte. Andy Michaelides on Digital

His background is in finance, but Andy Michaelides has always been fascinated with technology. A director with the Deloitte UK firm, Andy is smack in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—from the digitization of tax to machine learning to artificial intelligence. "Technology," Andy notes, "has been around for a long time. It's the pace of change that’s new." Delivering technology solutions that address clients' complex business challenges and staying at the forefront of innovation keeps him very busy—and he likes working that way.

Life at Deloitte. Rogier Vanhorick on Coaching

Ten percent ability, 90 percent hard work. That's how Indirect Tax Global Digital leader Rogier Vanhorick views footballer Lionel Messi's success—and he applies the same rule to his own career. Rogier is a firm believer in the Chinese Taoist principle that if you really want to master something, you have to spend a lot of time and hard work on it. Given Deloitte's entrepreneurial spirit and coaching culture Rogier has found plenty of people to help him rise to the top of his game—and helps others to do the same.

Life at Deloitte. Michele McGuire on Work Life Balance

When it comes to work life balance, Michelle McGuire has one thing to say: own it. Michelle treats her personal life like her business life. She schedules personal and family time just like work time, and sticks to her schedule. Disconnecting from work, whether at night or on PTO, Michelle knows is essential to well-being, and she has advice for getting critical downtime; turn off the phone and leave it out of the bedroom—and take a vacation. The environment at Deloitte and having a great team, she’s found, make that easy.

Life at Deloitte: Deloitte challenge

Two things matter professionally to Catia Abreu. The people and the challenge. An Exelmans works on a multi-cultural team where 25 languages are spoken, allowing for a constant exchange of knowledge and ideas, both key to learning. Challenges help professionals like David Raistrick learn, deliver distinctive value to clients, and keep the day-to-day stimulating. “I love the job, I love the firm,” sums up David Raistrick, “and that’s why I’ve been with Deloitte coming up to 28 years.”

Life at Deloitte: 
Indirect Tax International Assignments

Alexandra Dubois' work with Indirect Tax took her from Deloitte Netherlands to Chicago and took Aaron Wishnowsky from New Zealand to Vancouver. Darren Stephens credits his international experience with making him a more successful partner, and Christian Deglas believes that sending professionals on international assignments is one of the best things for their careers and the Indirect Tax practice. Watch and learn why working across borders is business as usual at Deloitte and has benefited Alexandra, Aaron, Darren, and Christian's careers.

Life at Deloitte: Jack Meddings

Indirect Tax professional Jack Meddings has reached new heights at Deloitte UK– literally. In 2016, he climbed Kilimanjaro, and this year, he's cycling 900+ miles for the Ride Across Britain to raise money for Deloitte's Charity Challenge. Not only does Deloitte offer Jack opportunities to make an impact, the supportive environment and leaders who value his work prove to him that he joined the right firm. Add to that Deloitte's focus on career progression, professional development, and innovation, and Jack sees his future at Deloitte.

Life at Deloitte: Lorena Benchis

Deloitte encourages you to be your authentic self, and Lorena Benchis values that highly. She has the opportunity to work on the biggest projects, with the biggest clients in a flexible and agile work environment. And did we mention international assignments in locations like Dubai? These are all reasons why Deloitte is so attractive to Lorena Benchis.

Life at Deloitte: Zhao Zhe (Raymond)

Family is important to Zhao Zhe (Raymond). After 12 years in Canada, he returned to Dalian, China, his family's home and home to a Deloitte office. Raymond's goal was to work at a Big Four that offered both international experience and an office close to his parents. Because of this, Raymond applied, and is now a Senior Manager with Indirect Tax. His Deloitte colleagues made his homecoming easy, mentoring, growing his skills, and treating him, in fact, like family, and that makes Raymond very happy.

Life at Deloitte: An Exelmans

You learn a lot at Deloitte. It's never boring. Colleagues become true friends, and you have a lot of flexibility in how you organize your work. Those are An Exelmans' top four reasons for building her career in the Indirect Tax Compliance team in Deloitte Belgium. At the Deloitte Tax Center Europe, she's part of a team that speaks 25 languages, and she has the opportunity to succeed as a mother and a manager on her multicultural team.

Life at Deloitte: Alexandra Dubois

Travel is part of the job when you're an Indirect Tax Manager like Alexandra Dubois. She started at Deloitte in The Netherlands Indirect Tax Practice in 2011. When asked if she’d like to work in Chicago for two years, her answer was a quick yes. Working in a foreign country on large cross-border projects took her out of her comfort zone, and Deloitte was there with support. Working with colleagues from different countries, she built a network of lifelong friends.

Life at Deloitte: Catia Abreu

Making a real impact is what matters most to Catia Abreu. Professionally, that means helping clients, delivering value, and finding new innovative ideas and solutions. Personally, that means having the time she wants to be with her young family. She finds the right balance of professional and personal as an Indirect Tax Manager at Deloitte Portugal—as well as the excitement of knowing that working on the Indirect Tax team brings new challenges every day.

Life at Deloitte: Aaron Wishnowsky

Aaron Wishnowsky's plan after university in New Zealand was to find a place to put his accounting and legal skills to use. Friends told him to look at Deloitte. He did. That was nine years ago. The urge to travel and a passion for snowboarding took him to Vancouver, Canada. Now, he's an Indirect Tax Manager with Deloitte Canada, working with colleagues and clients from every continent, and taking every opportunity he can to learn, grow, and get out in the snow.

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