Deloitte + SAP

Is it time for your organization to do something new? If so, it will take process improvement, technology innovation, and people who are prepared and ready for what’s next. That’s where Deloitte’s alliance with SAP can make all the difference. Let’s do something new – together.


High tech

When it comes to addressing challenges in the advanced technology realm, Deloitte’s network of member firms has SAP-focused lessons to share—lessons that can unlock new value. Discover innovative ideas here.



Deloitte’s network of member firms delivers powerful lessons on how SAP solutions can enhance wholesale distribution activities to drive new efficiencies and meaningful results. Find out what we know and how it can help your organization unlock new value.


SAP Radio

Listen to recent insights on today’s most pressing business topics on SAP Radio.


Published Articles

With deep SAP knowledge and broad industry experience, Leaders from Deloitte’s network of member firms readily share their perspectives in a variety of print and online publications. Check out some of those perspectives here.

Case studies

Case studies: SAP technologies, enabled

Great success stories emerge when Deloitte helps businesses deploy SAP® solutions, transform operations, and deliver meaningful results. Read stories here.