Deloitte newsletter in French-speaking Africa


Deloitte newsletter in French-speaking Africa 

Deloitte is pleased to offer the newsletter dedicated to French-speaking Africa. This newsletter is devoted to providing an in-depth analysis to Deloitte's clients on Africa's business and industry issues.

In the last issue:

  • Big Data : a resource to be exploited
  • The role of the financial expert in international arbitrages involving public and private entities in French-speaking Africa 
  • The role of African companies in structuring projects
  • The challenges of the China/Africa cooperation and its consequences for the HR function
Deloitte newsletter in French-speaking Africa

In the third issue:

  • The reform of the Tunisian tax system: a revolution introducing equity and strengthening the fight against corruption and tax evasion
  • A favorable outlook for African gas producers
  • The insurance sector in Tunisia:  on the verge of a major structural change 
  • African businesses faced with the challenges of governance and financial information
Deloitte newsletter in French-speaking Africa

In the first issue:

  • The key points of the OBHL (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa) reform 
  • Current issues and perspectives of audit in French-speaking Africa
  • EITI, 10 years later
  • Fraud: from raising awareness to prevention
Deloitte newsletter in French-speaking Africa