Looking for expertise? Take a look at our business-dedicated blog


Looking for expertise? Take a look at our business-dedicated blog

Finance departments play a major role in company development and are now called to expand their scope of action

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Confidence, a condition for successful process optimizations

Optimizing a company's processes necessarily means starting to change habits. In order for that to be successful, the confidence of all stakeholders involved in the processes must be secured. 

 Philippe Rassek's point of view

Outsourcing: technological progress speed up the trend

Despite political incentives to reduce outsourcing and increase regulations on data privacy, companies go ahead with outsourcing some functions. The functions outsourced tend to be diversified and technologiecal progress contributes to that trend

Céline Dupont's point of view

CFOs, strategic owners of Analytics

Today, the availability of big data and our growing capacity to process such data constitute major assets for CFOs seeking to improve their organisation's financial performance, while reducing the gap between strategic decision-making and operational efficacity.

Katia Ruet's point of view