Strategy & Operations


Strategy & Operations

How will you get there from here?

Today's senior executives must perform a delicate balancing act: achieve profitable growth and strategically manage costs while intelligently navigating current and future opportunities and risks. It sounds impossible, doesn't it? It is possible with a partner who can help link strategic vision and execution. We do more than leave clients with reports and analysis. We work collaboratively with them to focus solutions on the real issues affecting businesses and deliver long-term, tangible value. From developing a pragmatic strategy and evaluating M&A opportunities to improving finance and operations functions, our global network of Strategy & Operations professionals have the experience and expertise to help our clients get there from here.

Deloitte positioned in the “Leaders” quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Business Operations Consulting Services, Worldwide

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Deloitte named a leader in global financial management consulting services

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Digital transformation of your Supply Chain

Defining the digital issues related to your organization, determining the impacts arising from our use of the Web, mobile devices and connected systems and objects for the Supply Chain, implementing Cloud Computing, build and operate cross canal logistics, analysing the "Big Data"...

Collaborative Supply Chain 

A strengthend cooperation with your clients and service providers will allow you to increase your reactivity and resilience through all your shared Operations: product development, upstream, fabrication, retailing...


Data mining and decision support

Using artifical intelligence approaches to discover, explain and foresee complex phenomenons throughout your operations.

Due Diligence Supply Chain

Analysing all the aspects of your acquisition projects: market, products, historic performances, identifying and foreseeing the risks.