Enterprise Risk Management


Enterprise Risk Management

The Enterprise Risk Management and Governance Services offered by Deloitte member firms assist boards, c-suite executives, and senior management in developing and deploying strategic risk management programs and processes. In today’s challenging market conditions, companies often have a lower tolerance for “surprises” and a greater need to manage risk holistically.

Furthermore, certain regulatory rules requiring disclosures regarding the board’s role in risk oversight are driving the need for an enterprise-wide view of risk. To address these internal and external drivers, Deloitte member firms help clients and boards through the following services:

The Enterprise Risk Management services offered by Deloitte member firms help organizations integrate risk management into their business and strategic processes to enable them to take risks to create value as well as respond to and mitigate risks appropriately.  


Deloitte provides a range of services to help member firm clients with their risk management issues, including:


  • Identification and prioritization of enterprise-wide risks
  • Assessment of an organization's risk capabilities
  • Development of the tools, processes, and organizational structures needed to build a robust and sustainable risk management program.