Deloitte Central Europe Service Specific Privacy Statement

Deloitte Central Europe entities providing services as data processors

Applicable to the following services: Payroll, Immigration, Forensics (other than advisory), certain services in the area of IT Consulting.

What personal data we process
As processors, we process the personal data that you provide to us, including the personal data on your family members and dependents if needed given the nature of service provided, or the data that we obtain from your employer or contractual partner, advisor, third party, that you explicitly made publicly available or is publicly available otherwise (e.g. online media).

This personal data may include:

  • your name, surname and gender, date of birth, your ID or passport details, tax ID number, social security and national insurance number,
  • your occupation (job position) and general contact details (work or home address, personal or work e-mail address and telephone number, education certificates,
  • other data necessary for the provision of the certain type of service to your contractor or employer (marital status, number of children, information about your family members, their names, surnames, dates of birth, as appropriate),
  • financial data (including bank account details, employment income and personal investment income/gains),
  • data related to your professional activities, work performance and evaluation.

Purposes of your data processing
Provision of the services to you personally or to our clients (your employer or contractual partner) as determined in the respective contract based on the instruction of the controller (you, your employer or contractual partner).

Your personal data processing is done based on the instructions of our clients – personal data controllers that are also responsible for delivering the information on your personal data processing to you including the information how to execute your rights – please contact your employer/contractual partner directly to:

  • request access to your personal data (and request a copy of the personal data that is processed),
  • request to update and correct your personal data (right to rectification),
  • request to delete your personal data (where possible), or
  • request to a restriction on the processing.