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Central Europe CFO Survey 2020

Challenges multiply: maintaining balance in a changing world. 

This annual questionnaire tracks the latest thinking and actions of CFOs representing the largest and most influential companies in the Central Europe region. It explores top-tier CFO issues across four areas:

• Business environment

• Company priorities and expectations

• Finance priorities

• Climate change

• Diversity and inclusion

The group of nearly 700 CFOs that shared their opinions with us is a great audience to discuss interesting topics and to demonstrate our expertise. Our respondents are based in 17 Central European countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. The survey was conducted between September and November 2018.

The Deloitte Central Europe CFO Confidence Index consists of three sub-indices that reflect CFOs’ optimism (or lack of it) about three key issues:

  • Economic processes (the Economy Confidence Index): this is based on questions about economic growth, unemployment and the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  • The business environment (the Business Environment Confidence Index): this is based on questions concerning uncertainty, risk, operational expenses, the attractiveness of different sources of funding and opinions about the M&A market.
  • Prospects for the development of the CFOs’ companies (the Company Perspective Index): this is based on questions concerning the company's future, its financial position (revenue, debt-servicing capabilities, capital expenditure and margins), its predicted level of gearing and employee numbers.
Central Europe CFO Survey
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