Deloitte Banking Risk & Regulatory Academy: Key Takeaways

What are the latest developments in banking risk & regulatory?

September 2021

Complexity and uncertainty of regulatory change will be the main concern for the year ahead according to the banking professionals participated at the Deloitte Banking Risk & Regulatory Academy in June. The five-day event offered 10 webinars, where 35 Deloitte subject matter experts along with guest speakers from the supervisor and from the sector navigated 2500+ attendees through the maze of risk & regulatory.

Starting from ‘what’s new on the regulatory and supervisory agenda’ the sessions discussed capital management and stress testing; the post-COVID credit risk environment; the banking sector’s NPL outlook; the Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD); Cloud - some practical advice on how to move your organization into the cloud without upsetting your regulators too much; ESG strategy; the hot topics of cyber and IT security ecosystem; and anti-money laundering - from EBA’s expectations to recent innovations and RegTech best practices.

The biggest focus for banks in 2021/2022 in credit risk management area will be early warning and soft collections along with restructuring and forbearance, while in the ESG area most institutions needs to improve at data management and analytics and ESG strategy - according to the attendees participated in the poll surveys during the webinars. Moving into the Cloud seems to be inevitable, although national and European regulators have put extensive requirements on the use of cloud service providers by banks and there is some uncertainty where the limits of cloud adoption are.

Watch the webinar recordings from the event to learn about the latest developments and the future outlook of banking risk & regulatory and join the next Deloitte Banking Risk & Regulatory Academy in November 2021 to get practical advice on how to navigate in this more and more complex risk & regulatory environment!

Watch the webinar recordings here!

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