results from the previous edition First Steps into the Labour market 2018


Results from the previous edition

First Steps into the labour market

Our report highlights many of attitudes, ambitions and interests of young people in Central Europe. We show what is shaping the future generation of Central European business leaders as they emerge from full-time education and move into the early stages of their careers.

Leadership & Competencies

According to our respondents from 2018 true leaders have great charisma and outstanding strategic abilities, which suggests the youth might be inclined to believe leadership talents are innate. Just 19% of respondents believe university has prepared them well for work. 80% rated their own competencies as better than those of other people with the most highly rated competencies including those that can be improved by education – effective learning, logical thinking and teamwork for example.edition

First Steps into the Labour Market

The importance of work

Although having a happy social and family life and good health rank ahead of professional success, 38% respondents still tell us their lives revolve around work. In addition, 85% see the benefits that come from work as crucial to realizing human potential as well as social and financial advancement. Meanwhile, 83% would choose to work even if they did not have to.

Salaries & other rewards

The great majority of respondents see those employers that offer the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills as the most attractive (what is more 46% see this as the most important factor), ahead of an attractive salary (13%), a good atmosphere at work (8%) and the opportunity to develop new and interesting projects (8%).

Celebrating differences

As in 2015, female respondents still believe they are better organised, more communicative and more teamwork oriented than males. In addition, 88% respondents would want to work in a diversified workplace (in terms of age, gender and nationality), although more women than men selected this option.

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