The “new normal” for the sector of financial services: the European and Polish perspective

Actions taken by the European and Polish regulators related to the COVID-19 pandemic and challenges awaiting the financial sector after returning to the new normal.

Free of charge on-line seminar, 20 May 2020, 10.00 am till 11.30 am

Our special guests in this episode: Mathias Hanten, Partner, Tax&Legal, Germany, Simon Brennan, Director, Banking Regulation, Risk Management and Business Strategy, EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy (ECRS) UK, Dimitors Goranitis, Partner, Risk & Regulatory Advisory for FSI in CE from Romania and Herve Phaure, Risk & Regulatory Advisory Partner, Leader for FSI in Continental Europe from France

We would like to invite you to the third webinar on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the financial sector. Together with experts we will discuss the impact of coronavirus on the finance industry in different parts of the world and possible scenarios of returning to the “new normal”.

Each of the four parts presents various perspectives based on which we draw conclusions and try to foresee possible implications for the financial sector.

The third episode of the cycle of webinars on the “New Normal” in the financial services sector will be dedicated to regulatory requirements and potential incoming changes in this respect the sector can expect. Entities from the financial sector must satisfy regulatory requirements which often leave room for interpretation. Especially now, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the imminent crisis, adjusting to changing and new regulations will be crucial in returning to the new normal.


20 May 2020,
10.00 am - 11.30 am

Aleksandra Jankowska



In this episode together with our experts from European markets we will discuss actions of the European and Polish regulators in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and challenges the financial sector will have to face after returning to the new normal.

I. Presentation (in English): “FSI regulatory agenda/changes in COVID context like COVID regulations and COVID driven changes from ECRS perspective”.
II. Discussion (in English) during which we will try to answer the following questions related to the financial sector:
  •  Regulatory requirements for the sector from the European perspective - what should we expect? 
  • Is the “old” regulatory agenda still valid?
  • Which COVID-19-related challenges are the most important for the financial sector from the regulatory perspective?
  • Which, if any, issues related to the provisions of IFRS9 and their interpretation are most controversial and how to deal with them? 
  • Is it possible to explore the flexibility of the regulatory provisions, if yes, to what extent?
  • To what extent is regulatory arbitrage possible resulting from various provisions and their interpretation in different countries?
  • Is there a threat of an increase in the number of bad debts and what does it entail?
  • Consequences of moratoria on the repayment of loan instalments, situation in Poland vs other countries
  •  Will it be necessary to appoint a special bank dedicated to bad debts?

The next, fourth episode of the cycle is scheduled for 26 May and will be dedicated to the insurance sector.

During each webinar you can ask Deloitte experts questions.

Feel free to join in and take part in the discussion.

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