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Women in Tech Consulting in Deloitte Central Europe

They break stereotypes, master challenges, and create impact by accelerating digital transformation 

They are the Women in Technology Consulting. They crash boundaries to innovate and redefine organizations. They guide clients in their digital journeys helping them to think out of the box and redefine art of possible. This could also be you. We need more like THEM. We need more like YOU.

Promoting gender balance across all our practices as a norm is a priority for us. We have set aspirational goals against which we monitor progress consistently. D&I is a major persisting topic in our Talent Agenda, and empowering women is a continuous action line we are committed to working on. Deloitte’s focus on gender equality does not end with our organization. We believe that we are responsible for being active agents of positive change and leading the way on the complex challenges that stand in the way of gender balance in broader society.
To promote the visibility of women working in technology consulting in Deloitte Central Europe, we are launching the “Women in Tech Consulting” campaign. The campaign features female professionals from our Technology Consulting business and tells their stories.
Watch the videos to learn more about how our female professionals started in tech, what they love most about their job, what is their most significant achievement, and what advice they would give to other women interested in a career in technology. The campaign also shows the diversity of tech roles available across our geographies in the CE region.

We need more like them. We need more like you.
Warren Hatton-Jones
Consulting leader in Deloitte Central Europe
Csaba Komjathy
Consulting Talent leader in Deloitte Central Europe

Women in Tech

Women in Tech part 2

Meet the Women from Technology Consulting in Deloitte Central Europe featured in our campaign

The following women are representative of the professionals who make up the Technology Consulting practices across Deloitte Central Europe’s network. We are grateful to them for sharing their stories.

Encouraging Deloitte’s Women In Technology Consulting

We need more like us. We need more like you. Join us.

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