Manažerské dashboardy


Management dashboards

How to stay informed?

The ability to have current and relevant information about the teams that managers lead is key for the support of their operating and strategic decision-making. However, this information is often not easy to obtain because it is hidden in various places. Looking at it in context and discovering connections that are not apparent at first glance is a task that often exceeds their capacities. How can we make this easier and improve management decision-making?

Thanks to a variety of experts and experience from many projects, we are able to design solutions including data integration, ELT and data quality management, automation and data visualisation. We offer end-to-end solutions from analysis to prototype verification to implementation, handover and training of internal teams.

What types of dashboards do we prepare?

Allocation and utilisation overviews

It is possible that the performance of a department or a team is driven only be a few of its members, or by contrast that there is a shortage of capacities. We help not just discover these situations but also identify and prevent their causes.

Project profitability

Monitoring project profitability or reviewing that rates are set correctly seems like a matter of course. However, in some companies it can be a time-consuming activity. We help overcome these deficiencies and make the process more efficient.