Cross-border transactions and personal relations


Cross-border transactions and personal relations

Deloitte Private

It is ever more typical nowadays for business life becoming increasingly international. Today, it is often indispensable in sectors where it was not typical at all to liaise with foreign business partners and professional organisations. At the same time, an increasing number of individuals develop second homes, or so called "family offices" abroad, or even move to another country for longer time.

In addition to the classic legal and tax questions of cross-border transactions, Deloitte Private experts have significant experience in avoiding double taxation through the interpretation of international treaties, in the administration of moving abroad preliminarily or temporarily, or in obtaining the necessary licenses through coordination with the authorities of the relevant countries.

Our experienced professionals are successful in developing operative and strategic solutions for clients that enable the management and audit of companies going global, as well as the elimination and management of related legal and tax risks from remote locations.