Legal and financial protection of private wealth


Legal and financial protection of private wealth

Deloitte Private

Developing asset structures satisfying the latest global expectations that provide a tailored protection of accumulated wealth against external attacks and internal challenges.

In the case of considerable corporate and private wealth it is a common practice to separate daily operation with inherent business risks from savings amounts in order to reduce risks. Through the localization of international experience, our experts develop legal structures tailored to clients' needs that are capable of protecting the accumulated value against external attacks or preventing it from falling to pieces due to changes in family relations.

Even despite today's common efforts of ensuring full transparency, our experts will insist on the importance of developing structures that remain compliant with the legal framework and the publicity required by the authorities while ensuring the highest level of discretion of particular assets towards other external parties.

Relying on Deloitte's global network, our Deloitte Private experts provide support among others in the planning and development of personal holding companies, private investment funds, private foundations or trust fund management contracts.