Forensic Solutions Center


Forensic Solutions Centre

End-to-end managed services tailored to identify, monitor and mitigate your financial crime risk.

Regulatory changes across Europe are increasing operational complexity and the cost of compliance. Deloitte has created Forensic Solutions Centre (“FSC”) to assist clients with the identification, mitigation and monitoring of financial crime risk using a dedicated team made up of practitioners from Deloitte member firms around the world.

The Deloitte Forensic Solutions Centre  offers:

  • Qualified staff that can be rapidly and flexibly mobilized;
  • Access to the newest technology, proven methodologies and process expertise that will reduce your operational cost, enhance effectiveness and help you to tackle regulatory challenges;
  • Flexible engagement models including full or partial outsourcing.

Corporate Intelligence Services

FSC can offer the necessary support for better knowledge and understanding of third parties, whether we consider your business partners, a company which you are looking to acquire, employees or potential candidates or, so you can make the best business decisions.

At the same time, we can offer assistance in verifying information that appears in the media or official investigations initiated by law enforcement authorities for suspected acts of corruption, fraud, money laundering, economic criminal offences, tax evasion etc.

Our approach and success are based both on the access to a series of databases which offer the necessary information with respect to individuals and companies, and on the abilities of our team members which they have gained as a result of their experience accumulated within law enforcement authorities and through participating in numerous such projects.

In this respect, the Deloitte FSC offers the following specialized services:

  • Integrity due diligence
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Supplier due diligence
  • Fraud/bribery investigations support 
  • UBO identification
  • PEP & Sanctions Screening
Transaction monitoring

Whistleblower Services – Deloitte HALO

Report workplace misconduct

Deloitte’s Whistleblower service is an anonymous and independent digital and integrated whistleblowing service that can help your organization detect incidents early, before they become high risk issues.

Deloitte Halo, our digital whistleblowing solution equips organizations with secure and confidential reporting channels layered with advanced security features. Trained Deloitte Analysts will review incidents and prepare reports, and escalate high-risk matters.

To strengthen governance and internal controls, Deloitte also helps organizations to manage regulatory change and adhere to whistleblowing obligations. For the last two decades, Deloitte’s goal is to design a clear, practical and implementable whistleblowing programme that monitors policies and effectiveness of controls, to help organizations see their risks first.

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Burcin Atakan

Burcin Atakan

Partner Financial Advisory

Burcin began his career in 1996 as an internal auditor and he has specialized in the forensic field. He previously worked in the financial sector in Türkiye and delivered forensic advisory services un... More

Alexandru Nae

Alexandru Nae

Assistant Director, Forensic Services

Alex is managing the Forensic Services Centre from Romania, supporting local and international clients with Whistleblowing Solutions, Corporate Intelligence and Forensic Due Diligence Services. With e... More