CE GBS Maturity Assessment

March 2023

Pressure to change and innovate is driving the dialogue, and clients want to know…

…the CE GBS Maturity Assessment provides the insight needed to address these questions.

We are about to launch a comprehensive maturity assessment across the CE region deployed electronically that provides insights into current state maturity of GBS markets.

The outcome of the assessment will provide you with insights into country specific maturity stages, regional comparison, and improvement opportunities. The assessment evaluates the organizations through four dimensions to define the maturity stage of each country:

1. Strategy – scope and level of services in the GBS, maturity of strategy
2. Work delivery management – governance structure, performance management, customer centricity, continuous improvement
3. Organization – workforce, organizational structure, agility, retention
4. Process, Technology, and Infrastructure – level of process standardization, process automation, data management

In order to complete the survey Deloitte has developed a web-based tool to objectively assess organizational maturity. By analyzing 4 dimensions of the organization in 8 countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia), a detailed regional report will be created, which can be a good benchmark for GBSs operating in the region.

Once the regional report is created, we will offer companies to reach out for further details, including personalized improvement opportunities.

If you would like to take part in the assessment or get more information, don’t hesitate to register on the link below, and we will update you on the most recent news!

CE GBS Maturity Assessment

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