Global business services (GBS)


Global Business Services (GBS)

Challenges and solutions for a effective SSC

Service delivery models are always evolving. For the world’s largest companies, there’s an increasing shift to more global, multifunctional models that are expected to provide higher value at lower cost. Leading global business are looking into opportunities to optimise their operating model by centralising their core and supporting functions through consolidating the service delivery models.

Global Business Services (GBS), which often encompasses both shared services centres (SSC) and business process outsourcing (BPO) allow the global organisations to create alignment among their business units, serving as a single enterprise organization or network that can drive collaboration and efficiency to improve service delivery. The future of GBS lies in its ability to help companies do even more with less, by leveraging data and knowledge from across multiple businesses, functions, and geographies to transform customer and employee experiences with predictive insights at unparalleled speed. 

This builds an exceptional opportunity for the Central European region which is
perceived as the optimum location for setting up the shared service centres both for European and global clients. The largest companies are seeking the
greatest labour differential opportunities and scale as well as global delivery. The opportunity to optimise the cost base remains the top reason for
choosing the centralised solution and the labour arbitrage still remains the top parameter considered while deciding on an SSC location strategy. However as the labour quality becomes more important for the more value add activities, Central Europe becomes the top choice for many multinational and global organisations and the availability of the highly skilled employee pool becomes the top metric in considering a location for setting up a new SSC.

Our Global Business Services experts can help organisations with the pursuit of efficiency in the delivery of modern GBS moving up the value chain in single and multi-function GBS and/or SSC, and build of location capability while keeping in mind the legal and regulatory requirements via our strong SME network.

Our GBS expert group across the Central European region will be able to assist
you at the every stage of your GBS journey, starting from location selection
and feasibility study, through set up and process transition to your shared service centre and/or business process outsourcing partner to optimisation and
automation of the processes.

Global Business Services, Current challenges and solutions for a effective SSC

What are your typical challenges?

How to manage a SSC project?

Where will we locate the SSC?

How to build a business case?

How to design the future operations?

How to manage transition?

How to organize the controls environment?

How to build a successful team?

How to recruit the best people?

How to employ foreigners?

How to improve employee retention?

What is the optimal employee benefit structure?

How to manage the change and communication?

How to build RPA capability and implement it into the SSC?

How to overcome initial investments impacting my RPA business case?

Which processes can be automated?

How to deal with capacity issues?

How to increase the quality of services?

How to free up time for value added activities?

Solutions for you - how can Deloitte help:

Create shared vision and strategy

Assess feasibility & build nosiness case

Provide location expertise

Design processes, organisation and technology

Set up of internal controls

Develop process documentation

Prepare right mix of employee value proposition

Engage stakeholders and build the change management plan

Develop a communication strategy and plan

Bring the right people on board

Digital Enablement as part of SSC set-up

Include RPA in the SSC operating model design

RPA recommendations when deciding on outsourcing

Setup of business case implementation roadmap and plan

Assessment of tax and legal impacts

Tax structure set up and optimisation

Grants and incentives

Transfer pricing

Provide certified project managers

Design of transition approach

Manage transition

Benchmarking and productivity measurement setup

Functional experts on F&A, IT, HR, Procurement, Marketing and Sales and other areas

Insight into employer branding to improve employer attractiveness

Recruitment channels analytics

Employee benefits and their optimisation

Experienced operations and transition management resources

Immigration services

RPA as a service by Deloitte

RPA as an in-house solution in the SSC

Certified RPA training by Deloitte

Addressing key concerns of IT connected to RPA

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Legal aspect of work from home, tax impacts of remote work

Apply for a cash subsidy for expanding the SSC VAT compliance advisory

Indirect Knowledge Hub

Quality controls monitoring


Performance measurement

Insight driven organization

Enhance Customer Experience

Cost and process optimization

Master Data Governance

Loan staff

In-house accounting knowledge sharing system implementation & ad hoc support 

Deloitte operational excellence training

Deloitte analytics for prediction of leavers

Identification of key influencers

Optimising employee benefits

Provide skilled resources via the loan staff programme

RPA capacity services and RPA loan

Staff, RPA project management

Transform to RPA enabled operations

Cognitive & Artificial Intelligence

Analytics & Insights

Business Intelligence

Process Bionics

Optimising costs of existing benefits

R&D cost refunds

Ongoing legal advisory

Ongoing tax advisory

State incentives

SAP S4H transformation

SAP Ariba, Coupa




Tableau, Qlik, Power BI

Disclosure Management Solution

Service Now

Success Factors


Predictive analytics


Automation Anywhere



Tax technology

Tax Cube

Digital Dox (TP)

Real-time reporting

Potential benefits of Global Business Services models

  • Improved alignment with the business strategy, digital strategy, and
    growth agenda
  • A global approach that can improve visibility, control, and risk management
  • Scale to drive cost and operational efficiencies on a global level across functions and business units
  • Benefits from one integrated organization with end-to-end processes and clear accountability
  • Improved analytics and insights from access to cross-functional, enterprise-wide data
  • Becomes incubator for digital ways of working and catalyst for broader, enterprise-wide digital transformation
  • An agile organization with flexible scalability to respond to changing business needs such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures
  • Becomes a source of talent / workforce needed for the future


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