PODCAST: C-suite@Transformation


PODCAST: C-suite@Transformation

#4 Dominika Bettman about the challenges leaders have to face these days, about the new definition of leadership 

Broadcasting date: 29 January 2021

C-suite@Transformation is a podcast during which I, John Guziak, discuss the new dimension of leadership in the era of technology transformation and the need to be human-centric. I invite specialist and C-suite members to share their views.

PODCAST: C-suite@Transformation

In the next episode of the C-suite@Transformation I am talking to Dominika Bettman about the challenges leaders have to face these days, about the new definition of leadership and the impact of technological changes caused by the pandemic on the way of work, as well as about authenticity and trust being the foundations for the organizational culture of tomorrow.

Dominika Betmman – president of the board (CEO) and director of Digital Industries at Siemens Poland, associated with Siemens for 25 years. A proponent of corporate social responsibility, active participation of women in business (mainly the science and technology industries); advocate for diversity and inclusive management. She actively participates in the public debate on digital transformation and innovative industry. For her actions awarded by Forbes as a ‘Brandme CEO’.

Believes that actions speak louder than words, which is why she plays an active part in initiatives that match her values: e.g. as a VP of the Lewiatan Confederation of Private Employers, Chairwoman of the Responsible Leadership Council at FOB and of the KIGEiT Board, Member of the OEES Program Board, the Accessibility Council appointed by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy and Member of the Supervisory Board of Santander Bank.

We discuss what features contemporary leaders should have, i.e. being authentic, brave especially in terms of showing emotions, and open for failure - not only in theory. And also all the fears the leadership needs to overcome in a more resolute manner than ever before. Those fears refer to, among other things, work, digitalization, effects of the pandemic and climate changes. Dominika Bettman highlights that expectations towards superiors should change: a boss is not omniscient and can’t tell the future - same as the team he/she is working with. However, together they are able to face the future. Despite the physical distance and separation, we can only count on one another. According to my interlocutor, this is a key change, which redefines our willingness to compete, as competitiveness becomes replaced with strong cooperation and trust.

What is more, planning or supporting strategies with scenarios are also subject to changes. Dominika Bettman points out that planning as such should be treated as a process. While scenarios, even the most meticulous ones, can never happen.

So, what goals should we set for the future?  There is no one answer to this. What foreign languages should we learn in the digital era? What skills should we acquire? How to follow our passion and combine it with our job? What are the actual threats posed by digitalization? What about the future of work?

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