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We offer a cross border perspective and a wide range of services, including: dawn-raid services, crisis management; litigation support; corporate investigations (with forensic services); white collar crime defense; and compliance.

Our services include:

Getting you prepared for that early morning knock on the door.

When a dawn raid happens, it is usually a surprise, but the Deloitte Legal Business Integrity Services team, comprised of both IT professionals and legal experts, expects the unexpected and is able to immediately safeguard your rights, coordinate internal and external communications strategies, especially regarding the relevant authorities, and restrict “data drain" by backing up all seized data.

Showing your employees how to not make matters worse in a dawn raid.

Untrained employees can turn a worrying situation into a disaster during a dawn-raid. We help prepare clients, and their employees, for dawn-raid situations; show clients how to get practical support for unexpected challenges; and guide clients through the legal and regulatory responsibilities while securing their rights.

Helping you develop a self-optimizing compliance culture through our compliance training.

Ongoing compliance training combined with simultaneous change management can support a self-optimizing compliance culture in your company.

Testing your digital compliance.

A Digital Compliance Health-check addresses specific compliance issues and can highlight any red flags to resolve.

Protecting your rights during the discovery procedure.

Incorporating the extensive experience of our forensic, IT-forensic, and legal teams, in litigation support we can facilitate intelligently structured and transparent discovery whereby we provide technical solutions and legal guidance to minimize the amount of data, structure the data according to each client’s requirements, and protect our client’s rights throughout the entire process.

Providing your firm a health-check to identify hidden risks.

We have extensive knowledge about compliance and regulatory requirements and our risk assessments and compliance audits can give you certainty regarding your risk-exposure.

Protecting you from possible criminal prosecution.

We support both executives and companies in addressing criminal prosecution and liability risks, many of which are not limited to those originating from direct involvement in regulatory violations or criminal activity. Executives have been found guilty of fraud, corruption, market abuse, money laundering, insider trading, collusion, LIBOR manipulation, and more, through indirect or even circumstantial involvement.

Helping you benefit from structural non-liability.

We can evaluate a client’s enterprise-wide content management system and assist in achieving structural effectiveness through a recurring top-down approach to assessing a business’ CMS. Clients will then be able to demonstrate that they have done everything a reasonable business person could have done in order to comply with their legal obligations.

Assuring that your discovery results are court-proof.

Using forensic technology discovery and analytics, state-of-the-art research technology services, automated data processing and data analysis, we can prevent incorrect discovery ruining your chances of success with our court-proof eDiscovery services.

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Jaroslava Kračúnová

Jaroslava Kračúnová

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Jaroslava Kračúnová is a partner and head of the Business Integrity team at Deloitte Legal in Prague. She has more than 13 years of experience in commercial law with a focus on management liability (c... More