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Deloitte Legal CE brings together teams with diverse experience and knowledge to provide customized solutions for clients across the full spectrum of the real estate community. Our specialists provide assistance for transaction support, structuring of real estate transactions, title verifications, title insurance land utilization, zoning, administrative regulations, investment vehicles, acquisition and disposals, mortgages and others.

Transaction assistance
Straight forward and complex transactions, portfolio acquisitions, forward purchase agreements, sale and lease back, joint ventures and partnerships, real estate private equity fund investments in commercial, industrial, retail, residential and green energy projects including - legal assistance in all stages of the deal.

Structuring the transaction
Design and implement the structure of the transaction In accordance with the Client's objectives and specifics of each transaction.

Transaction documentation
Our professionals are experienced in drafting, revising and negotiating share/asset purchase agreements and joint venture agreements in accordance with the applicable market best practices and aim to customize the documentation in accordance with the particularities of the commercial structure and the property in order to provide a suitable transaction

Post-closing and transaction implementation documentation

Confirmations of fulfillment of condition precedents, takeover minutes, price statements, supervision of the registration procedures with the Land Book, etc..

Pre-contractual documentation
Letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, heads of terms, term sheet, promissory sale and purchase agreement.

Due diligence
Investigations of the target's legal affairs (in the case of share deals) or mainly the property (asset deals), with emphasis on specific areas, such as; ownership title, ownership history, encumbrances and litigation; different levels of details, from descriptive reports to highlighting of findings; analysis of findings and assessment or their impact on transactions, design and implementation of solutions to findings, including revisiting the deal structure.

Title insurance
Depending upon the specificity of your project, the necessity may arise that a title insurance should be contracted. We have had significant exposure to such remedies in the field of title defects including both lender and owner policies and we have negotiated policies for assuring coverage from the perspective of the best practices in the area.

Construction assistance
Drafting, revising and negotiating construction agreements including all FIDIC-based agreements, in accordance with the applicable market best practices. Our services include claim preparation, pre-contractual and post-contractual assistance.  

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Andrei Burz-Pinzaru


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