Health Care

Health Care is evolving as the industry undergoes significant change. Companies must adapt to new realities to remain an asset within the industry and sustain growth in today's environment. Deloitte member firm's global network helps clients respond to the complexities of today and tomorrow.

2018 Global health care outlook

With quality, outcomes, and value being the watchwords for health care in the 21st century, sector stakeholders around the globe are looking for innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver patient-centered, technology-enabled “smart” health care, both inside and outside hospital walls.

The evolution of smart health care

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Time to care

In light of rising demand, staff shortages and lack of time for hands-on-care, are current hospital workforce models sustainable? New research released by the Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions explores the current state of hospital workforces across Europe and their key challenges, and provides recommendations to transform the workforce to remain fit for the future.

Securing a future for the hospital workforce in Europe

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The future awakens

The year is 2022. The quantified self is alive and well, digital technologies have transformed the culture of health care and new entrants have disrupted delivery models. This report from Deloitte UK's Centre for Health Solutions offers some predictions that, if they come true, will shake up the life sciences and health care industry in the next five years.

Life Sciences and Health Care Predictions 2022

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The digital hospital of the future

​As the cost of care continues to rise, many hospitals are looking for long-term solutions to minimize inpatient services. Learn how technology and health care delivery will merge to influence the future of hospital design and the patient experience across the globe in this report developed by Deloitte US.

In 10 years, technology may change the face of global health care delivery

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