Civil Government

Deloitte is committed to helping governments improve how they serve citizens day to day. The Civil Government Sector provides solutions to help communities operate efficiently and effectively, spanning all levels of government across a wide range of programs, from taxes to environmental protection.

The Deloitte City Mobility Index

​What does smart urban mobility look like, city-by-city? How are global cities faring so far? Learn the steps that cities can take to realize the future of mobility in the coming decades.

Gauging global readiness for the future of mobility

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The regulator of tomorrow

Regulators and regulations play a critical role in society—but one that may need to evolve to remain relevant and effective in the face of technology-induced change.

Rulemaking and enforcement in an era of exponential change

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Deloitte at CES® 2018

CES, the renowned global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, is the launch pad for innovation and new technology. Deloitte showcased emerging and disruptive technologies, smart cities, evolving personal mobility ecosystem, digital transformation, cyber risk, and more. Learn more about Deloitte's presence at CES 2018 and explore our latest content around hot button issues.

The State of the State 2017-18

This year’s report finds the UK government amid the complex challenge of leaving the EU. Inevitably, this early phase of EU exit is taking place under intense media scrutiny and passionate political debate. But while EU exit issues may dominate headlines, the public services face more local challenges as they address rising demand, budget restraint and renewed levels of concern about social inequality.

Citizens, government, and business

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Digital Government Transformation

How do various nations view the shifting global trends and what does the future look like for digital technology in the public sector? "The Journey to Government’s Digital Transformation" examines digital technology’s ability to fundamentally transform the way the public sector operates and delivers services to customers and offers strategies for government leaders to accelerate the rate of their progress. Deloitte’s global survey includes responses by more than 1,200 government officials from over 70 countries. The research also includes interviews with an additional 130 government leaders and digital experts to gain insight to the policies and practices affecting organizations’ “digital maturity.”

The Journey to Government’s Digital Transformation

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