Defense, Security & Justice

In the wake of sophisticated and unpredictable threats, governments and organizations need to navigate today’s disruptive, geo-political landscape. Deloitte’s agile solutions contribute to a stronger and more cost-effective defense agenda, without sacrificing the overall mission of organizations.

2018 Defense and National Security Industry Outlook

Deloitte principal and Defense & National Security leader Nathan Houser sees a focus on three areas in 2018: readiness and the integration of new technologies, space resilience and national security, and technologies to improve operational efficiency. While specific nuances may differ by agency and mission, each of these objectives is central to meeting challenges to our security.

The future of defense and national security with Nathan Houser

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Funding and financing strategies for smart cities

Given the volume of funds required for modernizing infrastructure, smart cities need to consider innovative financing strategies to transform their vision into reality. Deloitte published a series of reports around funding and financing smart cities that recommends creative alternatives to traditional infrastructure financing models. This research provides guiding principles based on the experiences of several government officials, industry leaders, and our own professionals who have actively facilitated these journeys for our clients.

Reports on financing tomorrow’s smart city ecosystems

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A government perspective: Tech Trends 2018

This report provides a government-specific perspective on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Trends report. Our aim is to provide a government lens on eight trends that are shaping strategic and operational transformations and redefining IT’s role within the enterprise.

The symphonic enterprise

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