Location Strategy Services

Develop your business in a prime location!

The location of your business is strategic for the permanent growth. To meet our clients' expectations and stay ahead of changes in global markets, we have developed a service unique on the market - Location Strategy Services.

As part of our integrated Location Strategy Services, Deloitte's team of experts advises clients from all industries on the location selection process and the development of their business. Our advantage is first and foremost our global experience, comprehensive knowledge of the CEE market, in-depth expertise of our clients' needs and a multidisciplinary team to advise at every stage of business development. With us, you don't have to waste time coordinating multiple projects related to your business development - we will do it all for you.

Our Location Strategy Services team will assist you with all Services under one contact group:

  • Incentives (Target location recommendations, Incentives comparisons, Sector and project specific subsidies, Application submissions, Settlements)
  • Real Estate (Site search, Risk assessment, Cost comparisons, Technical due diligence, Design (ESG), Construction coordination, Contract negotiations, Financing (lease v ownership)
  • Employment (Local labour code comparisons and recommendations, Step plan operation and start up, Employment agreements, HR Policies, Payroll Procurement)
  • Corporate set up (Court and chamber registrations, Capital increase, Auditor appointment, Data privacy, GDPR Audits, Data processing, Cross-border data transfers)
  • Company financing (Financing domestic and cross-border, External or intragroup structuring, Regulatory currency controls, Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions compliance)
  • Tax (Comparison of tax target countries, Corporate, withholding Systems, Real Estate tax, VAT and sales, Personnel, Sector specific regulations)
  • ESG (ESG Due Diligence, ESG Risk Management, GHG emissions calculations, Decarbonization strategy, EU Taxonomy Alignment, Biodiversity)

Find out why the CEE region is the best location for
your business:       

  • Shorten Supply Chains      
  • CEE Connectivity - Distribution /
  • Build to Suit “ESG Mega Centers”    
  • Proven Contractors and Developers
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint with CEE Nearshoring
  • Excellent Road, Rail and Port Infrastructure
  • Trained Labour at Competitive Wage Levels
  • Rising Domestic Consumption

And more…


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