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Deloitte’s Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment practice focuses on helping companies thrive in the sector’s continually evolving business landscape. Our breadth of knowledge can help organizations uncover opportunities and understand trends that can spark new growth.

Global Predictions 2018

The technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications ecosystem remains as fascinating as ever in 2018. Will augmented reality become mainstream? How will machine learning affect the enterprise? What's the future of the smartphone? Deloitte Global invites you to read the latest Predictions report, designed to provide insight into transformation and growth opportunities over the next one to five years.

See what the future holds for technology, media and telecommunications

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Global Trends in Technology, Media & Telecommunications

What issues are top-of-mind for executives in Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications (TMT)? Our essay series offers succinct insights from global TMT leaders about opportunities for success across the rapidly changing TMT ecosystem.

The economic impact of disruptions to Internet connectivity

The Internet is essential to tasks performed across the world daily, from obtaining information to making mobile payments. Internet disruptions, however, have become more common. Read more about the widespread impact disruptions are having on productivity and the worldwide economy.