Posted: 18 Dec. 2020

Future of remote work: Manage your workforce with agility and confidence

Most organisations have addressed the immediate questions around the mobility and safety of their mobile workforces during the pandemic. But tax and legal leaders have an important role to play, helping them navigate the rapidly changing economic and regulatory environment. In collaboration with Human Resources (HR), they are addressing such pressing issues as immigration and cross-border tax, the implications for employment law and employment tax, and the business and human realities of supporting and retaining employees.

How do you pivot your organisation to recovery?

It is important to understand how organisations will work, and how people will do business after the crisis. Many business leaders foresee long-term workforce and workplace change. Perhaps tightly controlled co-location of workers will not be as prevalent. We expect a lasting impact from the pandemic, but to what degree remains uncertain. Tax and legal leaders need to understand their business leaders’ approach to adopting new trends, such as remote working and alternative work arrangements, like gig or contract workers. in understanding how dynamic they need to be as business enablers—and understand downstream regulatory and compliance impacts.

Here are four priority areas that tax and legal leaders should continue to focus on during the recovery phase of the pandemic. Having a seat at the table ensures compliance realities are taken into consideration and helps build resilient, agile, and flexible policies for the future.

Actionable steps you can take today:

  • Understand the tax issues relating to cross-border employment
  • Develop a strategy for mobile employees
  • Make informed headcount decisions
  • Keep informed and up-to-date on governmental tax, financial, business, and social measures

To learn more download “Manage your workforce with agility and confidence: A guide for tax and legal leaders during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Stay informed with the most recent global updates related to mobility in the COVID-19 crisis, including the current guidance or measures that different countries are putting in place. Access our weekly COVID-19 Global mobility impact report by country here.

Blog contributor:  Michelle Chan, Marketing Lead, Tax & Legal Switzerland

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