Posted: 06 Nov. 2021

Global Workforce Lounge Episode 3 with Martin Naville: What can Switzerland do to remain attractive for top global talent?

Winning the 'War for Talent' and ensuring Switzerland remains competitive

Listen to the third episode of the Global Workforce Lounge podcast series, where we discuss the results of our Global Talent study conducted by the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce. We look at Switzerland's attractiveness as a destination for top global talent.

Martin Naville (CEO, Swiss American Chamber of Commerce) and Julia Stutzer (Immigration Director, Deloitte Switzerland), reflect on small but targeted adjustments to the existing immigration system and what changes could improve Switzerland's competiveness.

Episode 03: Switzerland needs global talent

In this episode discusses the global talent study carried out by Deloitte and the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce - "Winning the ‘war for talent’ and ensuring Switzerland remains competitive".

Joined by Martine Naville, CEO of the Swiss American Chamber of Commerce and Julia Stutzer, Director in Deloitte's immigration practice, we discussed the following topics:

  • What Switzerland needs to do to attract top global talent, what the immigration challenges are and how Switzerland could win "the war for talent"
  • What is ‘top global talent’? And why are they so important to the Swiss economy? And why aren’t they available locally in Switzerland?
  • Switzerland’s current model for attracting global talent
  • What are the main immigration challenges in Switzerland and how does it impact business and the overall attractiveness of Switzerland? What type of businesses struggle with this the most?
  • Which countries are Switzerland competing against for top global talent, and how does it compare to its competitors in terms of attractiveness?
  • What does the study recommend that Switzerland does to improve the situation – how can Switzerland win the war for talent?
  • What are the next steps? How likely is it that the recommendations of the report are adopted?

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"We are not known for being fast and dynamic. Foreign talents can bring speed and dynamism to the Swiss economy. If we mix those two qualities, it is the best result for Switzerland"

- Martin Naville, CEO Swiss American Chamber of Commerce

Martin Naville - CEO, Swiss American Chamber of Commerce

Martin M. Naville is CEO of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce, a leading business association with 2000 business members (Swiss and American companies) facilitating business between Switzerland and the USA. The Chamber is also the spokesperson for multinationals companies based in Switzerland – large and small, Swiss and foreign.

Before taking over the Chamber in October 2004, Martin Naville spent 16 years with The Boston Consulting Group in Munich, Zurich and New York. In 1995, he was elected Partner and Director of The Boston Consulting Group. At BCG, he specialized in the fields of Wealth Management and Telecommunications. Martin Naville started his professional career as a corporate banker with JP Morgan in Zurich and New York in 1984.

Julia Stutzer - Director, Immigration

Julia is an Immigration Director at Deloitte in Switzerland. She has been supporting both global companies as well as medium and small sized enterprises with their immigration needs for more than 10 years. Julia puts her focus on immigration advisory services, advising clients on best practice and coordinating complex interdisciplinary requests with the tax and social security teams.

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