Posted: 02 Jul. 2021

New entry regulations for Switzerland as of 26 June 2021

As of 26 June 2021, the rules on entering Switzerland have been relaxed. The entry restrictions and health-related measures at the border now focus on individuals who are not fully vaccinated.

Anyone who can provide evidence that they have been fully vaccinated can enter Switzerland, when coming from a country mentioned on the list of SEM risk countries. In addition, individuals entering Switzerland from a country that is not on the FOPH-List (the list of countries with a variant of concern provided by the Federal Office of Public Health) are no longer required to quarantine. Only people arriving by plane are still required to take a test, but even this requirement does not apply to anyone who has been fully vaccinated or who has recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection.

As of 26 June 2021, the entry restrictions for Switzerland have been relaxed, and the following entry requirements now apply:

Entry restrictions – Can I enter Switzerland?

SEM risk country list: The current entry ban for travellers from countries on the SEM list of high-risk countries is lifted if they can prove they have been vaccinated. This means that this population will now be allowed to enter Switzerland for tourism and visits, if fully vaccinated.

Further exemptions from the entry ban have been implemented, for example if you are under 18 and are travelling with an adult who has been fully vaccinated.

Entry requirements – Which health-related measures apply to me, when I enter Switzerland?

Entry from a country not on the FOPH-list

  • Testing: The requirement to be tested now applies only to individuals arriving by plane and who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection.
  • Entry form: Contact details are required only if arriving by plane.
  • Quarantine: There are no longer any requirements to quarantine in Switzerland, when arriving from a country which is not on the FOPH-List.

Entry from a country on the FOPH list

  • Vaccinated and/or recovered from a previous infection: Individuals who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection are permitted to enter Switzerland from these countries or regions without the need for a test or to quarantine.
  • NOT vaccinated and/or not infected previously: Individuals who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection must present a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test and go into quarantine on entry.
  • Entry form: Contact details are required only if arriving by plane.

New Travelcheck tool

The Swiss Government has introduced the “Travelcheck” tool. This tool allows to check whether and under which conditions persons can enter Switzerland.

Deloitte's view:

If you are travelling to Switzerland:

  • Make sure that you have the necessary travel documents
  • Check your planned travel route - flights may be cancelled at short notice due to an outbreak of COVID-19
  • Ensure that evidence of a negative PCR test is available, if needed
  • Prepare to self-quarantine on arrival, if needed

Entry restrictions may be subject to regular changes. In order to ensure that you are up to date, we recommend consulting Travelcheck regularly prior to your visit to Switzerland, to confirm which requirements you will be subject to.

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