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Deloitte offers all-around expertise to help biotech companies scale for growth throughout their lifecycle.

Basel, Switzerland
Event language: English
24 - 25 Apr.
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Join Deloitte at the Swiss Biotech Day on April 24th and 25th in Basel, where we can discuss together the challenges you’re facing as you grow.

Overview of market place:

Small to medium sized life science companies are now at the forefront of innovation in the search for new cures and hope for patients. However, medtech and biotech companies face significant challenges related to navigating the business life cycle, including securing IP, managing R&D, raising funds (including IPO), launching product/portfolio and expanding geographically.

How Deloitte can help:

Rapid transformation in the life sciences and health care industry can require businesses to strike a balance between patient demands, market potential, and policy compliance, while continuing to innovate. Deloitte creates solutions that can help you remain competitive in this constantly evolving market.

Additionally, Deloitte is positioned to help you drive your business forward—not only because they understand complex problems, but because they have the skills, tools, and multi-disciplinary solutions to help solve them. Through deep understanding of our vision of the Future of Health™, health equity and digital transformation, Deloitte can help you navigate the industry’s transformation as exponential innovation propels health care to the future.

If you want to meet Deloitte's leading Swiss Life Science & Health Care practitioners, please join them at their Swiss BioTech Day 2023 booth no.19 to discuss any topics on your mind or listen into their panel  discussion “How to Scale for Growth” (24 April - Pannel 9 from 14:45 - 15:30 in Room Marriott Hotel). During this panel you will hear from industry experts, who managed their own growth story. The topics discussed will range from incorporation of a company to go-to-market models and the numerous pitfalls a company can face as they grow. Deloitte will guide you through the key stages and considerations you do not want to forget, from a tax and legal setup to optimal corporate finance structure, to commercial launch, and beyond.

Our range of services addressing the unique needs of small and mid-cap companies on key topics…

Drop-in Growth Diagnostic Sessions

We will have Deloitte experts on-site that can examine your individual growth challenges and tackle questions depending on the evolutionary stage of your organization. Book your individual session by clicking on the link below.

Our experts at Swiss Biotech Day

Biotech Segment Lead

Partner, Monitor Deloitte

Director, Consulting

Director, Financial Advisory

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24 - 25 Apr. 2023 Switzerland
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