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Deloitte in Switzerland is launching a new Volunteering Programme in January 2016! The purpose is to connect Deloitte employees with local volunteering opportunities in various fields.

If you are a member of an organisation that needs a few volunteers (for a few hours on a single day, or for a longer period of time), or if you know an organisation that might be interested in accommodating Deloitte volunteers, please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fundraising events for the benefit of charity are a regular occurrence at Deloitte Switzerland as part of the firm’s goal to make a positive social impact on the societies within which it operates.

We have carefully selected four organisations operating in Switzerland to be our charity partners, to which all funds raised are donated. We decided to focus our attention on a select few in order to maximise our impact and make a real difference to the disadvantaged beneficiaries of these wonderful organisations.

Please see below for a brief description of each of our charity partners, and if a cause touches your heart, follow the link to find out how you could contribute.

Aqua Alimenta

Since 1998, Aqua Alimenta (formerly W3W – Water for the Third World) promotes agricultural development of small-scale farmers in rural Latin America, Asia and Africa.

More than 15,000 small irrigation systems were installed worldwide in the last 17 years, helping local communities grow and sustain their crops.

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CBSM (Community Breakthrough Support Mission)

Founded in 2011 by two Deloitte employees, CBSM supports 350 orphans and vulnerable children in Kimilili, Western Kenya.

Some of the programmes there include:

  • School building, teacher salaries and learning supplies
  • Children home/orphanage
  • Health initiatives (anti Jigger, anti AIDS and anti littering campaigns) 

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Schweizer Tafel

Did you know that an average of 2M tons of edible food are thrown away every year in Switzerland?

Schweizer Tafel collects food from retailers, bakeries, butchers, etc. and distributes it to other social institutions before it gets disposed of.

Their motto? Collecting - Distributing - Feeding

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Theodora Foundation

Since 1993 Theodora's Giggle Doctors help reassure, entertain and comfort children in hospitals and specialist care centres. The professionally trained artists work hand in hand with the specialist staff and carefully customise their performance to the individual circumstances of the children.

In 2015, the Theodora Foundation in Switzerland deployed:

  • 55 Giggle Doctors
  • carrying out 100,000 visits to children, 
  • in 35 hospitals and 22 specialist care centres.

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