How the COVID-19 crisis affects our everyday life

All findings from the survey of 1,500 people living in Switzerland

Working, shopping or getting around - the COVID-19 crisis has fundamentally changed many things. Deloitte has conducted a survey on the impact of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed on economy and society. On this webpage you find results and insights on the labour market, cyber security, remote working, shopping, banking, mobility, technology and other topics. The study examines the impact of the virus on our everyday life and how it will further change it in the future. The page will be continuously updated.

The online survey was conducted between 10 and 15 April 2020. It is representative by age, gender and region. The survey covered 1500 people of working age (16 to 64 years) resident in Switzerland. More information on how Swiss companies can successfully manage the corona crisis can be found on our COVID-19 microsite.

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Combating COVID-19 with resilience

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