Swiss Audit Transparency Report 2017

Being transparent about our commitment to audit quality is very much in the public interest and underpins our approach to this Swiss Audit Transparency Report.

We are delighted to introduce you to our Audit Transparency Report 2017 for Switzerland. The purpose of this report is to provide you with insights into the culture, vision and direction of Deloitte Audit in Switzerland. The Audit Transparency Report is an important element of our communication with our clients, their investors, Board and Management Members, regulators and other stakeholders.

Aspire with assurance

At Deloitte, our objective is to be the market leader that delivers unique value to our clients, their investors, other stakeholders and the public in general. We are issuing this report on a voluntary basis in order to fulfil our public interest role in the Swiss capital market in a transparent and constructive way.

We are focused on illuminating what a high quality audit looks like – raising the bar on client experience and service. From our perspective, attaining high audit quality allows our dialogue with the Board and Management Members of our clients to be more robust, insightful and better focused on key risks.

The evolving landscape

It is an exciting and dynamic time to be part of the audit profession. The recent auditor report changes will assist in addressing expectation gaps by reporting on key audit matters and related audit responses – providing further opportunity for in-depth discussions with Board and Management Members on key matters.

In addition, we believe audit is evolving and we are investing heavily in the audit of the future. We have embarked on an ambitious path to elevate the value proposition of the independent audit and we are mobilising globally to achieve our goals. We use data analytics to increase our effectiveness and are exploring ways to further leverage technology as part of our commitment to quality.

Investment in people

We also continue to invest in our people; as an example, we invested significantly in learning and development and aim to provide a supporting environment for professional learning. During the last financial year, close to 100 people were hired in the Audit & Assurance service line and we also welcomed four new partners. With all of this, we are well positioned to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and to strive in our quest to make an impact that matters.

This transparency report is demonstrating our commitment to audit quality and the culture of integrity, professional excellence, accountability that underpin our organisation.

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