Deloitte Amazon Web Services (AWS) Capabilities

Powerful. Proven. Possible.

When done right, cloud adoption can increase your speed to innovate and offer transformative opportunities for your business. Whether you are interested in leveraging AWS infrastructure, analytics, machine learning (ML), or Internet of Things (IoT) to build and orchestrate business solutions, Deloitte is ready to help you take advantage of AWS’s innovative technology services.

Bringing the future of cloud to your enterprise

Amazon Web Services announced the opening of an infrastructure region in Switzerland by the second half of 2022, joining Google and Microsoft in a relentless competition to capture the Helvetic market. The Zurich-based datacenter will enable some Swiss organisations to comply with data residency regulations, unlocking access to disruptive technology and a virtually infinite amount of infrastructure at a fingertip.

At Deloitte, we blend our role as trusted adviser and AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner to guide Swiss organisations in making an impact that matters. With a global network, Deloitte ATADATA migration products, and solution accelerators backed by virtually unparalleled industry and business innovation experience, Deloitte can guide your cloud transformation to see your possible and make it your actual.

Deloitte's Cloud Managed Services (CMS) can help you design, build, and operate end-to-end client solutions in addition to managing critical business applications running in the cloud. Deloitte has also built OpenCloud, a platform that automates and accelerates our best practices in seven multi-disciplinary areas that are designed and customized based on the client's needs.

Cloud Managed Services can help Deloitte clients by simplifying the management of existing and new cloud footprints.