Deloitte Transition Labs

Hit the ground running in your new role

Whether you are stepping up to a new role for the first time, or you are a seasoned executive, a structured plan is essential to success. A Deloitte Executive Transition Lab is a one day experience built to ensure recently appointed Executives hit the ground running and thrive in their new roles.

Globally, we have delivered several hundred Transition Labs and we are now offering these to client executives in Switzerland. Every session in the Transition Lab is unique to the participant – no two Labs are the same – but our carefully researched methodology, tested approach and experience means that you are guaranteed to find the day challenging and rewarding to help you succeed in your role.

What to expect?

You will be guided through the day by experienced facilitators as you create a bespoke plan to:

  • Define your aspirations;
  • Consider where you spend your time;
  • Assess your team and talent issues;
  • Examine your relationships and influence; and
  • Build your own 180 day plan.

This is a rare chance to indulge yourself in thinking about your aspirations, plans and challenges in a new role with a group of high quality, talented professionals who are highly motivated to help you succeed and are prepared to put the pre work in to make highly effective use of your time.
                FTSE 100 CFO

The facilitators are excellent - at no time did I have any sense other than they were investing their time in me and my future.
                FTSE Tax Director

The Lab is a fantastic (and probably unique) opportunity to spend a whole uninterrupted day working out what you need to prioritise to be successful in your new role. The day is really well structured, incredibly well facilitated and ends with a personal and concrete action plan.
                Head of Internal Audit, Global Bank

Deloitte Greenhouse

Cultivating creativity

The Deloitte Greenhouse combines behavioural methods, analytics, technology, and expert facilitation to create an experience that can propel clients to extraordinary results. As the name suggests, the Deloitte Greenhouse is a place for cultivation – of ideas, of relationships, of opportunities – to help our clients and our people get to breakthroughs.

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Deloitte Greenhouse

Why should you participate in a Transition Lab?

The Lab is designed to help you to make an efficient and powerful transition into your new role: