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swissVR Monitor reveals Board members have positive outlook for 2017

New year, new challenges – innovation and disruption a key focus on the Board agenda

swissVR Monitor is a survey conducted jointly by swissVR, Deloitte and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne. Every six months, this survey will gauge the attitudes of members of Swiss company Boards of Directors towards the outlook for the country’s economy and their sector and towards current matters of relevance to Boards.

The surveyed Board members represent firms from SMEs to listed companies across a range of sectors. As a result swissVR Monitor is an accurate reflection of the attitudes of Boards of Directors in Swiss companies, as well as the challenges facing them. It illustrates the views of individuals with a long-term influence on their company’s success and includes prospects for the economy, their sector and their business.

swissVR Monitor - February 2017

Key results, February 2017

The majority of the 460 Board members surveyed in the first swissVR Monitor rate the outlook for business over the next 12 months as positive. They face certain strategic and structural issues, but see innovation as a future competitive advantage and a driver of success.

Economic, sector and business outlook

  • Board members rate their company’s business prospects more positively than the prospects for their sector.
  • They also rate the prospects for their sector more positively than prospects for the Swiss economy as a whole.
Economic, sector and business outlook

Strategic and structural issues on the Board agenda

  • Strategy issues are one of the major concerns for Board members and they consider themselves to be significantly involved in the process of determining and formulating corporate strategy.
  • Alongside improving efficiency and optimising processes, digitalisation, marketing and sales strategies and skills will be increasingly important areas of concern in future.
  • The amount of time Board members spend on their role has clearly increased as has interaction with management.
  • Board reporting is considered appropriate and informative with Board members receiving full and timely information.
Strategic and structural issues on the Board agenda

Focus topics: innovation and disruption

  • Innovation (especially in services and products) is considered a priority focus for Board members.
  • Key drivers of success of innovation include appropriately skilled staff, digitalisation and a corporate culture that fosters innovation.
  • The topic of potentially disruptive innovation is being discussed at Board level.
Focus topics: innovation and disruption

Overview of key highlights

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