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Corporate Governance

A spotlight on Swiss trends

Deloitte’s study on corporate governance provides an insight to trends and practices in the Swiss market. As economic conditions remain challenging, the need for robust governance and leadership is crucial, and there is an increasing demand for more transparency and visibility on the actions of the board and its chairman.

In addition to a call for more independence at board level, there is also more scrutiny over the board’s oversight of the CEO and executive committee’s implementation of board decisions. Setting appropriate and acceptable levels of remuneration is critical.

Analysis of corporate governance trends in the Swiss market place

This piece of research examines companies comprising the Swiss Market Index (SMI) and the SMI MID (SMIM) index, together defined as the SMI Expanded, representing the 50 largest equities in terms of market capitalisation. The focus of this report is on two specific topics: evaluation of board performance and risk oversight, but it also includes an evaluation of the following key themes and questions:

  • The views of key stakeholders
  • Are board members truly independent?
  • Are quotas the solution for gender diversity?
  • Communicating on governance – a new era of technology?
  • Remuneration on a downward trend?
  • Looking ahead – Future developments.
Corporate Governance - A spotlight on Swiss trends
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