New leasing Standard IFRS 16

IFRS 16 Leases will result in many leased assets, previously held off balance sheet, being brought onto companies’ books, potentially adding billions in lease-intensive industries. Balance sheets, income statements and KPIs could all be fundamentally affected with challenging judgements, choices and systems investments lying in wait for many.

How can Deloitte help?

Although companies have three years until they are required to present their financial statements under IFRS 16, significant preparation is required and the time to take action is now.

Our IFRS 16 experts’ team brings together every Deloitte service line and can help businesses successfully implement this complex new standard. Deloitte is also uniquely positioned to support businesses in addressing the wider commercial impacts of IFRS 16 thanks to smart technology solutions and a market-leading property advisory business.

We provide with guidance on how companies should prepare for the new standard and information on how we can provide support.

How can Deloitte help

New leasing standard and what CFOs and Finance Directors should know now

To many CFOs and finance leaders across the board the additional breathing time may appear as a welcome respite, since plenty of seemingly more pressing budget and forecast issues require their immediate attention. However, this may only be true for companies that currently do not have significant off-balance sheet leases.

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Deloitte’s unique proposition for property occupiers

This page discusses the implications of the new leasing standard on the Real Estate industry. Property leases are likely to be one of the most significant areas of impact. Understanding the impact of IFRS 16 requires a joined‑up approach looking at both financial and leasing strategy.

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