On the board’s agenda


On the Board’s agenda

Sustainability and the board: What do directors need to know in 2018?

Welcome to the new issue of On the Board’s agenda, a publication where we focus on topical issues of importance to directors.

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Sustainability, which encompasses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns, is increasingly positioned at the top of board agendas, and is now central to corporate competitiveness and a company’s continued ability to operate. Sustainability affects all sectors and challenges even the most progressive companies and the most thoughtful directors.

Deloitte sees sustainability securing more time at and in between board meetings, in part because there is no single, standardized approach to incorporating ESG into boardroom discussions on business strategy and risk. The stakes are high, and directors need to act now to recognize sustainability as a fundamental element of their stewardship and fiduciary role.

There are a number of steps boards can consider and questions they can ask to gain a better command of emerging sustainability risks and changing stakeholder expectations—to read more please download this edition of our On the board’s agenda series.

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