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Business Partner Assurance

Trust but verify

Business partner relationships can be critical to meeting your organisational objectives and operating effectively. Contractual responsibilities should be routinely monitored to increase opportunities and reduce risks. By taking a closer look at your business relationships and better monitor the contracts associated to these relationships you may find opportunities to boost revenues, reduce costs and improve the relationship itself.

Our Contract Risk and Compliance professionals can help ensure you can independently assess your partner’s compliance to contract terms. In respect to outsourcing, supply arrangements and joint ventures, we can establish whether third parties are compliant and delivering expected benefits. In the distribution channel, rebates, special pricing, discounts and other complexities we can assist reduce over charges from third parties and implement appropriate controls. In licensing and royalty bearing arrangements, certainty over the accuracy of reporting is crucial; we have the tools, knowledge to perform reviews that not only provide direct monetary results but also add further value.

Licensing and Royalty Compliance

We offer quantitative and qualitative procedures to review licensing and royalty compliance with contractual terms, identify and quantify revenue recovery opportunities. 

Distributor Compliance

Our team can help you assess business partner compliance with contractual terms including inventory levels, sales and inventory reporting, rebate, promotion and incentive while calculating findings and providing recommendations. 

Business Partner Assurance

Gain control by engaging us to review external business partner’s compliance with contractual terms, service level agreements and invoicing practices in a variety of product and service categories including outsourced business or IT processes, logistics, manufacturing, research and development, facilities management, construction and advertising agencies.