Business Process and Accounting Solutions


Business Process and Accounting Solutions

Business Process and Accounting Solutions (BPS) specialises in providing interim and project support for your finance team. With Deloitte you can get the help that is needed at short notice so that your employees can concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Situations in which we can assist you include but are not limited to:

Provision of backfill during company re-organisation or restructure or when your firm is undergoing SAP or other ERP implementation, interim replacements for staff who are absent and management of special projects such as the roll out of new processes and procedures.

We can support you with both small and large teams depending of your needs.

Business Process and Accounting Solutions

Interim Solutions

Suffering from a shortfall in your finance team during periods where your are under resourced due to unforeseen absence, maternity leave, organisational changes and many more?

We can help by providing interim cover in all functions of the finance department including: CFO, Finance Manager, Controller, Accountant, and others depending on your needs.

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Project Support

Project management and/or support in the implementation of new accounting processes and procedures, technical advice where there is a knowledge gap, harmonization of the consolidation process, meeting a tight reporting deadline or where your firm has outgrown its existing internal control framework.

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Outsourced Accounting, Payroll and Taxation

Do you wish to save time and costs associated with back office functions so that you can focus on your core business?

This can be achieved through outsourcing of your accounting, payroll and/or tax functions. Off-site or on-site bookkeeping and financial statements preparation services as well as payroll and tax outsourcing.

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