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Contract Advisory

Be prepared

Agreeing contracts is a challenging and complex process. Understanding contractual obligations in existing contracts from a risk and regulatory standpoint can also be an issue. The result is that the value negotiated in contracts is often not achieved and obligations not managed, even with a strong contract management team in place.

Our Contract Advisory team has an exclusive relationship with a leading software development house that allows us to use their market-leading technology to deliver repeatable and automated contract evaluation analysis, in a much shorter timeframe than our competitors. In addition we have internal tools to perform automated comparisons of contract terms to invoice data including labour charges, material charges, fringes, cost allocations (per diem, overhead, and consumables), union charges, and other key charges.

Contract Risk Management

We can assist you in performing contract risk evaluation, invoice validation testing and other data analytic services to enhance third party risk management and contract compliance. 

Contract Lifecycle Management

We offer support in the design, documentation, implementation and testing of internal controls related to post contract management activities. We can also ensure you are compliant with regulations such as FINMA’s vendor management requirements for the financial services industry.